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I am the devil and I am here to do the devil's work..I love horror and psychological thrillers. I love HIM,NIN,and Rammstein.
I am 24 and have a degree in Psychology.I currently work as a teacher.
I consider myself mostly right leaning on the political spectrum.I am still learning about other parties that align with my views. If you believe you are oppressed, I am going to laugh at you. If you want something, work for it. Go out, work, earn your money, and keep it all to yourself. I want to preserve my race and my heritage. I love animals and dislike a large majority of people. Stupid is the majority. Intelligence is the minority.


Apparently how people feel after waking up from naps.


How I feel after waking up from naps.


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  •      I. Was the first crush in your life something you had or something someone had on you?
  • I think the first crush I remember well was on JC Chasez of N*Sync. I still have posters of him in my room, he had awesome hair, and was so overlooked because of justin.  10/10 would bang.                                                                                                                                                          N. What was the worst nightmare you ever had?
  • Either the one where my dad got cut open and someone had poured alka-seltzer inside his open chest, it was all bubbling and bloody and horrific or the one where I was being attacked and tied down and my friend was coming after me with a purple dildo and I kept running away but something was special about the air and it not only made people regenerate, but it kept zapping me back to be tortured by him and he kept saying he was only using the sex toy, but later on I end up pregnant.                                                                                                                               A. If you could get away with one murder in your lifetime without any legal, social, or emotional repercussions, would you kill someone?
  • I can’t think of anyone right off the bat I would kill right this second, but I would definitely save it and use it sometime. If there are no consequences, why not? Even If I didn’t have someone I hated enough to kill, I could at least kill a bad guy or something right? 

these are so fuckin intense pls send me them

A. If you could get away with one murder in your lifetime without any legal, social, or emotional repercussions, would you kill someone?
B. What is your first thought when you receive a message on Tumblr, are you excited for the idea of someone from potentially the other side of the world wanting to talk to you or fearful that someone will criticize you?
C. Have you ever looked down on someone because you thought your religious views were superior?
D. Would you rather know everything the universe has to offer but in exchange lose all emotions or remain the way you are now?
E. If you could live and be healthy without sleeping or eating/drinking, which would you cut out of your life?
F. If you could take on the exact body and form of anyone else on Earth, who would it be?
G. Would you rather burn or freeze to death?
H. If it meant it would solve all world hunger, war, disease and bigotry, would you spend the rest of eternity in Hell?
I. Was the first crush in your life something you had or something someone had on you?
J. Could you live without having sex ever (again) in exchange for eternal youth?
K. Have you ever watched a full length pornographic movie?
L. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
M. If you could have the ability to manipulate matter or energy, which would you choose?
N. What was the worst nightmare you ever had?
O. Would you rather spend one year with your one true love just to never see them again or the rest of your life with second best?
P. All the sequels/remakes/adaptations/rip-offs in movies nowadays, good or bad?
Q. Would you rather be dirt poor and emotionally fulfilled in life or be rich beyond imagination and emotionally dissatisfied for life?
R. Do you have any (secret) feelings of bigotry to any group of people?
S. Would you rather be the only person in the world that can read minds or have everyone else in the world be able to read minds except for your own?
T. If everyone in the world would automatically only know one language, which language would you choose?
U. If you were old enough and not in a situation where it would be inappropriate, would you sleep with one of your (past) school teachers/professors?
V. A world without religion, good, bad, neutral?
W. The men's rights movement, legitimate cause or laughable, and why?
X. You can eliminate one of your five senses to substantially strengthen the others, which one and would you do it?
Y. Do looks mean anything to you? Don't lie, could you fall in love with someone you thought was ugly?
Z. Can you understand the mindset and logic used by the opposite spiritual opinion? An atheist understanding the belief in a higher power and vice versa.